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New Maghaberry Crisis

New Maghaberry Crisis

New Maghaberry crisis, Roe 3 & 4. Full to capacity. Statement from Cogús (RNU prisoner dept).

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Date for your diary:Basque Political Prisoners

Sat.12th January 2013, benefit night in support of Basque Political prisoners, 8:00pm, seomra spraoi, 10 Belvedere Court, Off Gardiner St, Dublin 1.

There will be some folk music followed by a host of Djs playing a  mix of 60s beat and garage , soul, reggae, rocksteady, ska, punk and new wave tunes. Oppurtunity to dance off the christmas indulgence!

Organised by the Dublin Basque Solidarity Committee. Please forward to your contacts. Thanks.



Christmas protest for the prisoners

Christmas protest for the prisoners

Christmas protest for the prisoners.

Successful protest today despite the wet and cold weather, activists from Éirígí, 32csm, R.S.F, a veteran of the border campaign and independent Republican Socialists took to the streets to call again for the implementation of the august agreement in Maghaberry Gaol.The experienced veteran gave very wise advice to one activist about logging all incidents of harassment and intimidation by members of the Gardaí with a legal representative in the event of something happening in custody behind closed doors.

PSG activist , assaulted, pepper sprayed, arrested for postering.

Tonight thursday 13th  @11.45 , 2 members of the Prisoner Solidarity Group were stopped by Gardaí On Bandon rd while out putting up posters for Saturdays event, one was assaulted and pepper sprayed , leg swept to the ground and held in a head lock….at this point a male passer by approached and identified himself as a paramedic and said “Im a paramedic , take it easy lads” He was ignored By the Gardaí.

One PSG activist was arrested and taken to the Bridewell and was told he was being charged with public order and assault and released a short time later.

It is quite clear that the forces of the state, are intent on silencing Political activists in Cork who campaign for Republican Prisoners.

Beir bua!

Solidarity with Ursula and her comrades

In the spirit of Comradeship the PSG wish to express solidarity with Socialist Republican Ursula Ní sheanáin and her comrades recently arrested on both sides of the Border, some of who are Éirígí members, and wish to send message of support to the families of those arrested.

We stand against the Anti-Republican Police state repression that is currently underway.
Níl neart go cur le chéíle.
Beir bua!

December Protest for the Prisoners

The PSG will hold a protest in Cork City on the Sat. 15th of December at 3pm for All republican prisoners. At this time of year we think of all republican prisoners , the women in Hydebank, the men in Portlaoise, Maghaberry,and Lukiskes, Lithuania.

We again call for the Implementation of the August Agreement (which would end controlled movement and end strip searching), the ending of the policy of selective Internment and the repatriation of Michael Campbell.

We call on Republicans and the left to stand in solidarity with the POWs.

Assemble daunt sq 3pm.

Today’s court case against the PSG.

Todays court case is part of a long running campaign by the Garda Special branch  against anything progressive and anything Republican.

The case itself against 10 local activists, was put back to December 17th, another days wages lost for some of the lads.

There is nothing new about what they are doing. They dont like the idea of a Broad visible campaign highlighting the Prisoner issue in a way they cannot predict, they prefer us to limit our actions to static protests in some corner, or doing nothing.

The white line picket back in june didn’t obstruct traffic, it brought home the reality to many in Cork the Torture taking place in Ireland. War we were told, is a ‘thing of the past’, but the war waged against Republican prisoners is very real and very brutal.

Those of us involved in political activism should not fear the Special Branch, the courts,fines or even prison, we should fear doing nothing.

Victory to the POWs in Maghaberry and Hydebank.
Beir bua.

Marian Price rally to take place on the 3rd of November

A chara,
(English version follows)
Reáchtáilfear máirseáil agus slógadh Dé Sathairn, an 3ú Samhain, chun glaoch do scaoileadh saor láithreach Mharian Price. Ba mhaith leis an Feachtas um Shaor Marian Price Baile Átha Cliath cuireadh a thabhairt duit a bheith i láthair ag an slógadh seo agus do ghuth a chur leis na mílte guth eile atá ag glaoch dá saoirse. Bheimís fíor-bhuíoch dá scaipfeá an t-eolas faoin slógadh ar do chairde, do chomrádaithe, do chlann agus ar do chomhghleacaithe chun cinntiú go mbeidh slua mór amuigh ar na sráideanna ar an lá. Is ceist chearta daonna é cás Mharian agus le do thacaíocht agus láithreacht ag an slógadh, beidh muid ábalta teachtairacht láidir a chuir chuig státrúnaí na Breataine.
Beidh an Moinsíneoir Raymond Murray, atá ina ghníomhaire cearta daonna agus Clare Daly TD ina n-aoichainteoirí ag an slógadh.

Monthly picket for Republican Prisoners.

The Prisoner Solidarity Group will hold its monthly picket for
Republican prisoners on Sat  27th OCT  @3pm. Daunt sq.
We again call on all Republicans, socialists and Anarchists to join us
to highlight the torture being inflicted on the Republican prisoners
in Maghaberry.

The following week will see the Dublin  Free Marian Price Committee
Hold a march in Dublin on the 3rd of NOV which will start at the
garden of rememberance @2pm, we would encourage all who are able to
attend to do so.

Victory to the Prisoners,
Beir bua!

Dirty protest brought back to ford.

***taken from RNU website.


Once again RNU have taken the Maghaberry ‘dirty protest’ back to the door of the man responsible, and the man who has it within his power to end the suffering, David Ford MLA.

On Thursday 4th of October during a regular protest against Strip Searching (and in direct response to the recent forcing of POWs into damp toxic cells), activists in boiler suits and goggles walked up to Fords HQ and in direct view of PSNI began to throw horse excrement accross the door and windows.

Ignoring the Cops demands that they stop, the activists continued to visit prison reality onto the Alliance HQ until two were arrested and taken away.

The regular protest continued for at least half an hour, during which times heavily armed back up was called for causing a scene in sleepy Belfast suburbia.

RNU will not allow middle class Belfast (and the Alliance party in particular) to ignore the fact that more than 40 Republican prisoners are currently forced to live in deplorable conditions, in defiance of archiac Strip Searching practices.

David Ford – the Human Rights hypocrite – cannot be allowed prevaricate and play games with scanning machines while our POWs suffer daily.

We demand an end to strip-searching and the full implimentation of the August agreement.


PSNI imprison 61 year old woman collecting for Cogús POWs

Republican Network for Unity expresses their deep disgust at the actions of the PSNI who on the evening of 27th of September arrested our valued comrade Briege Connor while she collected for dependents of Republican prisoners in West Belfast.

Briege is a well known and respected supporter of the POWs.  She is a familiar face on white line pickets and protests for political status across the country and only recently welcomed her own son home from a lengthy sentence in Maghaberry.

Read more…

Prisoners Protest Sat 29th 3pm Daunt sq.

The No wash/Dirty protests protests inside Maghaberry against beatings, strip searching, torture and now the Chemical spraying of cells,  continues,  Likewise, on the streets, solidarity also continues. The Prisoner Solidarity Group will hold a picket at Daunt sq @3pm Sat 29th.

We again call on those that have supported the pickets in the past to come and join us this Saturday and show a united front against the recent Political Policing by the Special Branch. PSG activists and supporters have received summons and fines for white line pickets and postering, all very basic activities that all groups should defend. Defend Cork’s right to Peaceful protest!

Victory to the Prisoners!
Beir bua.

PSG activists and supporters face Political Policing.

On the 30th of June the PSG held a white line picket in Cork city in solidarity with Republican Prisoners.
On the 17th of August PSG activists and supporters received summons to court for mid November, charged with obstructing traffic and public order. At no time was traffic obstructed an no one was in breach of the public order intoxicating liquor act. Just this morning an Éirígí comrade from Tipperary recieved a Fine for postering with us.

This is typical Anti-Republican policing from the Special Branch.
PSG activists have been harassed on a number of occasions while out postering and on the monthly demos themselves.
Some of those charged with public order were not even approached by the Garda Special Branch on the day or members of the public order unit, even to ask them the usual “name and address” routine.

We are Republican and Socialist  activists engaged in a campaign in Cork to highlight the Internment, abuse, torture and criminalisation of Irish people in a British Gaol in Ireland. Something which the mainstream media is keen to brush under the carpet.
Republican Prisoners, who see themselves as Prisoners of War (POWs),  won the battle for segregation nearly ten years ago in Maghaberry and we are confident that they will win this current phase of prison struggle. We will continue to stand in solidarity with the men and women in Maghaberry and ensure that Cork continues to play its part.

Beir bua.

Free Marian Price, Dublin 15th September 2012

Link to video of Marian Price march.

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