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Michael Campbell, Bring Him Home!

January 31, 2013

Michael Campbell, Bring Him Home!

Michael Campbell has been held in inhumane conditions for a number of years now in lukiskes prison in Lithuania, has  Republican activist Michael Campbell been forgotten by the wider Republican Movement?

His brother Liam recently won his case against being extradited to Lukiskes because he was
“likely to be held in inhuman and degrading conditions if extradited”,    A fairly remarkable decision from a system that presides over a prison (Maghaberry) that holds people in similar conditons, but a decision to be welcomed nonetheless!


Lukiskes Prison is a notorious place, used by the Gestapo during the Nazi occupation, and by the NKVD during the soviet occupation it is synonomous with torture and deplorable conditions. Overcrowding in cold cells and claims of  extraordinary renditions suspects being brought through it by the CIA, all paint a grim picture.


When one considers the efforts of the Fenians to bring home the men from Fremantle prison on board the Catalpa, and the Great amnesty campaign of 1869 when over a hundred thousand people gathered in cabra to call for amnesty for the fenian prisoners, contemporary Irish Republicanism and its related support groups seem miniscule in comparison

bring him home

Is enough being done?  Can we do more for Michael Campbell?  The idea of  an Irish Republican languishing in a foreign prison should be repugnant to all who claim to care about human rights but especially to those active in the Irish Republican struggle.  Michael Campbell should be home in Ireland where he belongs.

Bring him home,  Repatriate Michael Campbell now!


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