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Dirty protest brought back to ford.

October 4, 2012

***taken from RNU website.


Once again RNU have taken the Maghaberry ‘dirty protest’ back to the door of the man responsible, and the man who has it within his power to end the suffering, David Ford MLA.

On Thursday 4th of October during a regular protest against Strip Searching (and in direct response to the recent forcing of POWs into damp toxic cells), activists in boiler suits and goggles walked up to Fords HQ and in direct view of PSNI began to throw horse excrement accross the door and windows.

Ignoring the Cops demands that they stop, the activists continued to visit prison reality onto the Alliance HQ until two were arrested and taken away.

The regular protest continued for at least half an hour, during which times heavily armed back up was called for causing a scene in sleepy Belfast suburbia.

RNU will not allow middle class Belfast (and the Alliance party in particular) to ignore the fact that more than 40 Republican prisoners are currently forced to live in deplorable conditions, in defiance of archiac Strip Searching practices.

David Ford – the Human Rights hypocrite – cannot be allowed prevaricate and play games with scanning machines while our POWs suffer daily.

We demand an end to strip-searching and the full implimentation of the August agreement.



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