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Republican Prisoners protest Sat 11th August.

July 31, 2012

The Prisoner Solidarity Group will be holding a protest on Saturday, August 11th at 3pm on Saint Patrick’s Bridge to mark the two year anniversary of the failed August Agreement in Maghaberry Gaol.

The August Agreement was signed on the 12th of August 2010 after negotiations were facilitated between striking Republican prisoners in Roe House and the Prison Board in the occupied 6 counties.
The two main aspects of the Agreement, which would have brought an end to the Republican prisoners protest was the end of controlled movement to allow free association among the prisoners and the installation of a BOSS chair which would have brought an end to the torturous and inhumane practice of forced strip searching.
The PSG are calling on all Republicans, socialists and all progressive minded people to stand with us in solidarity with the striking prisoners in Maghaberry, and ALL Republican political prisoners.
The PSG wants to see an end to Internment, the implementation of the august agreement and the repatriation of Michael Campbell.
“Everyone, Republican or otherwise, has their own particular part to play. No part is too great or too small, no one is too old or too young to do something.” Bobby Sands
Beir Bua.

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