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RNU Deplore Mistreatment of Belfast Cogús Prisoner

July 18, 2012

Republican Network for Unity (RNU) Prisons Spokesperson, Ciarán Cunningham has slammed the Six County Prison Service after it refused another Republican Prisoner Compassionate Parole to attend a close relatives funeral.

Mr. Cunningham said; “Cogús Prisoner, Colum Cassidy from North Belfast had applied for compassionate leave to attend his elderly Grandmother’s funeral which takes place today. However, the British Prison Service callously rejected his application in a denial of his human rights which RNU believe is also a political decision as Colum is a protesting prisoner.

The injustice done to Colum and his family is another attempt to bring pressure to bear against Political Prisoners in Maghberry. A number of weeks ago, Internee, Martin Corey was also refused Compassionate Leave by the same Prison Regime. This refusal is all the more incredible given that Colum only has three months left inside.

RNU demand Stormont Minister, David Ford, its Justice Committee and the Prison Administration clarify the criteria in which Republican Prisoners are released for compassionate leave. Failure to do so will merely increase tensions inside and outside the Gaol”.


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