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Statement from the Pat Finucane Centre re: Martin Corey scandal

July 12, 2012

Yesterday a judge ordered the release of a man against whom there is no evidence of wrongdoing that would lead to charges in a court of law.

Before he can be released the Secretary of State intervenes and overrules the court on the sole basis of ‘secret evidence’ that neither the defense nor the general public has access to.

This evidence has been provided by an organ of the state, the security service MI5, …an organisation that has been involved in gun running, the murder of officers of the court (Pat Finucane) and the torture of prisoners in other jurisdictions.

So what message has Owen Paterson sent? There is no rule of law. We will overrule the courts, set aside fundamental standards in terms of evidence and deny Martin Corey the right to a fair trial.

Surely the real threat to the peace process is posed by the individual sitting at his desk in Hillsborough Castle, not the gravedigger from Lurgan sitting in Maghaberry prison.

Is Paterson deliberately raising the temperature?


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