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Posters ‘disgusting’ says Cllr.

June 28, 2012

Illegal posters covering the city centre have been branded as “disgusting” by one city councillor, and detrimental to the city’s image – for tourists and natives.

Cllr Joe Kavanagh (FG) was speaking in Cork City Council this week on the issue, which he says desperately needs regulation.

Peter horgan.

“Many of these posters have no name at the bottom to contact, making them effectively illegal,” Cllr Kavanagh told the Cork Independent.

“I have no objection to postering or the holding of meetings at all. We live in a democracy and people that do hold meetings are proactive and I applaud that. However the gluing of posters to electrical boxes, poles and public bins creates an awful image for tourists and people living in the city.”

Cllr Kavanagh urged people to go through the relevant authority, City Council, when putting up posters.

“The rest of us have to do it during elections etc so why are they any different. I would especially ask them not to use adhesives to stick the posters up. There are posters advertising meetings that happened a year ago.”

Cllr Kavanagh insisted that when tourists arrive in the city and are met by a barrage of protest poster they come to two conclusions – a negative city, and a littered city.

“I called on the litter warden to become more proactive and the City Manager has confirmed the warden will monitor the situation.”

“It just leaves a bad taste seeing this litter everywhere and it needs to be regulated more effectively.”

Sinn Féin Cllr Michael Finn supported the comments by Cllr Kavanagh and suggested that common fixtures in the city could be a solution to examine.

“It certainly is a blight on the city and I would ask if any proceedings have been issued to date under the Pollution Act for the ESB,” said Cllr Finn.

“We fine owners of businesses and properties with litter and graffiti so I would ask that we contact the ESB and let them know their property is potentially in breach of the law.”

Cllr Kavanagh confirmed that there is a loophole in the rules that allow for posters to put up during the duration of a meeting but must be taken down immediately after.

“It’s all about making the city attractive, so I would urge groups holding meetings to use tie wraps instead of adhesives,” stressed Cllr Kavanagh.

Under the Pollution Act, it is illegal to put up posters in public places unless you have written permission of the owner of the structure in advance. Posters that breach the law can be liable to an on-the-spot fine of €150, with a maximum fine of €3,000.


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