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Marian Price ‘is close to breaking point’ says husband

June 10, 2012

THERE have been renewed calls for the release of veteran republican Marian Price at a vigil tonight in the Bogside.

Charges of eliciting support for an illegal organisation that led to Ms Price’s initial arrest in May 2012 were dropped last month, yet she remains in custody.

Ms Price has been in prison for over a year. Her family and supporters say her imprisonment is a form of internment and have called for her immediate release due to health concerns. Her husband, Gerry McGlinchey says his wife is near breaking point.

“When I look at my wife I am, of course gravely worried,” he told Newswire. “She has been in prison now for 394 days and her health is of great concern to us, her family. When I look at my wife I also feel great admiration, because I honestly feel that myself and most people I know would have been broken well before now. She is close to the edge, a place where her recovery will take a long time to happen, if it ever does. How she is bearing up is testament to the strong woman that she is.”

Also speaking at the vigil were former hooded man Francie McGuigan and justice campaigner Kate Nash who questioned why thousands of people were not out on the streets of Derry protesting against internment like they did 40 years ago.

“My brother marched on Bloody Sunday against internment and lost his life, my father marched and was injured that day,” she told the crowd. “We were told that internment was finished, that it was over. Yet here we are, internment clearly still exists.
“Forty years ago, thousands marched against internment. Why not now? Why are there not thousands on the streets today protesting against this?”

Vigil organiser Pauline Mellon called on Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness to speak out on the case.
“Forty years after Bloody Sunday we stand again on this spot and speak of internment,” she said. “I call on Martin McGuinness to speak out. Marian Price’s imprisonment is internment facilitated at a Stormont level. She must be released now”


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