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Direct Action against ‘Bara the Brits’ Belfast office

May 25, 2012


RNU Belfast tonight carried out a direct action against the legal offices of MI5 brief Barra McGrory which are situated in Andersonstown in the West of the city.

Only last week, Bara the Brit as Director of Public Prosecutions,gave the green light for MI5 spy material to be used as admissible evidence in diplock courts, a factor which will be manipulated and utilised by the spooks and the PSNI to Gaol countless republican activists.

By conceding to this move, McGrory has opened  the gates to indefinite internment, he has betrayed the most basic human rights principles he once proclaimed to defend and has made himself no more than a tool of British military intelligence.


McGrory has also recently given acquiescence to a range of deplorable anti Republican measures designed to assist the British state further incarcerate people like Marian Price, Martin Corey and Tony Taylor.

Despite a heavy presence of PSNI mobile patrols in the area, RNU militants climbed into Bara the Brits office complex and plastered the front bay windows with posters declaring that he was ‘Not wanted in Republican Belfast’.

Speaking after this action one activist commented…

my family once had the utmost respect for Bara McGrory and his late father who was a great man. Yet by his latest actions he has sullied his families good name and broken the hearts of republican activists across Belfast and beyond. Not far from this office a family home is missing a mother and wife, Marian Price. If Bara the Brit thinks he can still come to Andersonstown to make money unheeded he can think again”



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