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Martin Corey denied parole for brother’s funeral

May 24, 2012

Martin Corey, a political hostage in Maghaberry jail, Co Antrim, was refused parole on May 23 to attend the funeral of his brother Peter who died suddenly.

Two years ago Martin Corey had his licence revoked by the British Secretary of State in the Occupied Six Counties, the reason for which has never been disclosed to him or anyone else.

For the 19 years previous to his re-arrest Martin ran a business in Lurgan having been released from jail after serving 19 years of a life sentence.

Martin has never been given an explanation for his re-arrest. He has no charges preferred against him and the British Government has, to all intents and purposes, interned him.

We are all well aware of the contemptuous attitude of the British Government to Irish political prisoners. Nevertheless, surely at such a time a man who has lived and worked in Lurgan for 19 of the last 21 years, could be shown some compassion.

Martin eventually had to take a judicial review of his internment, which is currently before the courts.

Unfortunately this is not the only time a POW has been refused parole. Gavin McKenna, also of Lurgan, was refused parole to attend his father’s funeral just weeks ago. And not unlike Martin’s case, Gavin’s father died suddenly also.


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