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Special Branch ‘Litter wardens’ harass the PSG

May 17, 2012

Tonight at around 11:00 17/5/12 the PSG were out doing  postering for the monthly protest , joined by independent republicans and members of Éirígí  the PSG put 200  ‘Free Marian Price’ posters in various parts of cork city, from shandon street on the north side to Barrack st on the south side.

It was quite obvious to us on the route that members of the Special Branch  were watching us as they followed us around a number of streets in the city centre, however it wasn’t until we reached the end of Barrack st at the junction with Bandon rd we were approached by Special Branch thugs Katrina Tansley and  Maurice o conner , who when asking for names and addresses and date of birth ( which they are not entitled to) were asked ‘are you litter wardens?’  they replied “no we are gardaí…we want to know if you are creating a littering offence”.

These are the very same degenerates that turned Cork city into a police state this week last year to welcome the British queen.                                                        The PSG will not be deterred by this petty harassment and kerb crawling by Special Branch ‘litter wardens’ and will continue doing what we do.

Free Marian Price!

Beir bua!


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