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Run for the prisoners.

May 17, 2012

**Received by email.

Skoazell prizonidi bolitikel Iwerzhonad= support Irish political prisoners

Redadeg is a relay around Brittany, it costs a hundred euros to buy a kilometre and their are aproximately 1600 kiolmetres, they are bought by groups, by individuals and businesses,  It is to raise money to support the breton language.  Those who take part in the Redadeg carry  banners to support other campaigns they are involved in, their are people carrying banners to demand the breton language be made an official language, their are banners to support the Basque prisoners who are dispersed throughout France Spain and their colonial territories. There arepeople supporting the Palestinian hunger-strikers, trade unions, left wing groups and breton pro independence groups like Breizhistance.

On a country road not far from Guérande, we are waiting, banner in hand. Slowly up the road we hear the
singing and cheering,its children from a nearby Diwan school, its like a gaelscoil, laughing and enthusiastically
they pass the baton to us and wish us “kalon vat” which is good luck in breton, Its hard enough because
 i’m not fit, and they’re running late so we’re under pressure, its hard going for me, but its worse for Karen
on the other side of the banner, she was running some kilometres  yesterday too, at least its down hill,
the steward van is ahead of us, they read out our banner, and shout out their support to keep our spirits up.
We reach the end of our kilometre and breathless, pass the baton on and we wish them “kalon vat.”
Its good to have played my part in this event.To have done a bit for the breton language and to have raised in a
small way our prisoners has been uplifting. the redadeg is a broad canvas to bring together a mosaic of
diverse campaigns to promote the breton language, something we in Ireland would be wise to learn from.

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