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Hana-shalabi sends message of support to marian price

April 11, 2012


Hana Shalabi, who recently ended her 43 day Hunger Strike, sent a message of support to the Irish prisoner, Marian Price, from the Gaza strip, where she was exiled 2 weeks ago by Israel.

In the following video message, Hana sends a message of support, and calls for the immediate release of Marian Price.

Hana was on an open ended Hunger Strike against her unlawful arrest and detention. She was been held without trial or conviction. In a deal to release her, she was exiled from her family and home in the occupied West Bank to Gaza.

Marian Price, too, went on hunger strike for political status after being sentenced to life for a Provisional IRA bombing in 1973. She was force-fed more than 200 times. Her health has never recovered. She was close to death when pardoned in 1980.

Last May, Secretary of State Owen Patterson ordered her back to jail to complete her life-sentence. It could be she will never be released. And yet she hasn’t been sentenced. She has been given bail on the only charges outstanding against her.
Patterson didn’t have authority to overrule her pardon. But then, abuse of power is second nature to British Tories.
To campaign for freedom for Hana and Marian doesn’t mean supporting their politics – although of course they are fully entitled to their political beliefs. Demanding their freedom simply means standing up for justice and the right to a fair trial.
For more information on Marian Price, please click on the following link:




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