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April 5, 2012



The Prisoner Solidarity Group is an independent group of activists in cork city formed to organise protests in solidarity with ALL republican prisoners and to encourage untiy among republicans and the left but especially to highlight the ongoing struggle in Maghaberry prison.
As a group we oppose internement by section 30 in the 26 counties, or internment by remand in the occupied 6 counties,and we call for the repatriation of any republican prisoners held overseas.Due to the worsening situation in Maghaberry prison we decided to put together an independent group as we feel the best way forward for all concerned is a united independent campaign to call for the implementation of the 12th of august agreement which was brokered in 2010 but has yet to be implemeted by the Northern Ireland Prison service (NIPS).

Since the closure of the notorious H-Blocks, Maghaberry prison has become the destination of republicans who have been interned,’held on remand’ or imprisoned as a result of their opposition to the british presence in Ireland.Maghaberry,Antrim,

synonomous with beatings and torture, is now the scene of a looming crisis which could see an escalation from dirty protest to hunger strike by republican prisoners.,The dirty protest as it stands has been going on now for  over six months,some have chosen to empty waste under the cell door out onto the landings while others are smearing their waste on their cell walls.

We call on all revolutionaries,trade unionists,republicans,

dissidents,socialists,anarchists and humanitarians to stand as one in solidarity with those who uphold the integrity of their struggle by refusing to be criminalised by the british state.A public protest will take place on jan 21st @ daunt square cork city at 3pm.

Keep yourself informed of whats going on!/2011/12/british-destroyed-document-to-prolong.html


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