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April 5, 2012


Marian price,long time revolutionary and republican activist has been kept in solitary confinement/isolation for the last nine months,and only recently was she moved from Maghaberry to hydebank prison.
‘This move has been made in light of Marian’s deteriorating physical and mental health. It must be highlighted that the British government have kept Marian in isolation for nine months in an attempt to break her psychologically. This has resulted in her health deteriorating to the point that the prison doctor had refused to allow her to be transported to court on medical grounds.‘(IRPWA)

Marian price has been interned,there is no other way to describe it.Because Marian price doesn’t fit in with the new ‘Northern Ireland’ and continues to promote genuine anti-imperialism and Republicanism like many others she has been taken off the streets and locked up.

‘The facts of Price’s detention, taken together, suggest she is being held indefinitely not because there is evidence that she is guilty of serious crime, but because the Northern Ireland Office believes the state is better off with her out of the way – that, in everyday language, she is in internment. We thought we were done with that in Northern Ireland. Marian Price should be freed forthwith.'(Eamonn McCann)

The british state has no justification for this nor does it need to justify it because the British state is not genuinely concerned with peace only the pretense of peace and the continuation of its normaisation policy and the containment of militant republicansim.

The PSG aims to celebrate and mark International womans day by having a solidarity vigil for Marian Price at 4.30 daunt sq on thurs 8th of march,if you believe in feminism,and internationalism and oppose internment come along and show your support. Beir bua!

PSG-Cork City


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