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Raising awareness at Armagh match

*** The Repatriate Michael Campbell campaign raising awareness at the recent Armagh game….

The Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign.

1st July 2013.

Organised and mobilized. (Ard Mhacha Abú)

Armagh’s emphatic 2-21 – 0-02 victory over Wicklow at the Counties Athletic Grounds yesterday was not the only locally cultivated success in the city to be lauded.

Up to 30 members of The Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign exploited the influx of GAA supporters and media personnel in to Armagh and staged a picket and information point highlighting the denials of Michael Campbell’s human rights, rights as an Irish Citizen and his right to come home and to serve his sentence on Irish Soil.

Raising awareness at Armagh match

Over 3000 leaflets were distributed to an extremely responsive crowd and the campaign group were inundated with requests from both sets of supporters and neutrals, for further information and contact points for the future.

Local MLA’s Councillors and MP’s attending the game accepted leaflets from the group who covered all entry points to the stadium. All those who we interacted with, were respectful and courteous and when implored to consider the campaign most, if not all, committed to do so.
Today saw cohesion succeed with activists from all over county Armagh connecting and it is these efforts that will prove most successful in the weeks to come. We cannot thank all of those who helped out today enough.

It must be remembered, not diminishing Armagh’s victory, that this was a Qualifier and not billed as a Major Championship game, however the response was magnificent and we can now expect even greater things to follow on our next outing, so join in and become a part of this campaign as it rolls out.

The official campaign leaflet text is available to copy and paste on this page, or the actual leaflet and generic posters are available and can be printed from here.

This is a good cause and it will result in a victory for Human Rights. Share in that victory. Bring Michael Campbell Home!!





Repatriate Michael Campbell leaflet

Repatriate Michael Campbell leaflet




Teach Na Fáilte educational event. (IRSP)

Teach Na Fáilte educational event. (IRSP)

click on link above to view article.



Marian Price highlighted on the Black mountain.

Marian Price highlighted on the Black mountain.

Republicans in Belfast use the Black mountain to highlight the ongoing internment of Marian Price to mark International Womans day.


Michael Campbell – The forgotten Prisoner?

Michael Campbell – The forgotten Prisoner?

Article taken from the pensive quill.

Michael campbell


Justice for Marian; Belfast bus times.

Justice for Marian; Belfast bus times.


Marian Price Rally Friday the 8th of March 2013

Marian Price Rally Friday the 8th of March 2013

***Received via email

The Justice for Marian Price Campaign call on all concerned with the blatant abuse of Human Rights in the case of this gravely ill woman to attend the rally in Coalisland on International Women’s Day the 8th March. The rally will be held at the Civil Rights Monument, Main Street commencing at 7.30pm. Marian has been interned in solitary confinement for almost two years and will spend her second Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day held in an isolated hospital unit. This outrage must be ended and ended now. We have to show our solidarity with Marian and shout with one loud united voice FREE MARIAN PRICE NOW. Following the rally the Free Marian Group in Coalisland will also hold an exhibition to pay tribute to all those women who suffered injustice, degradation and denigration as republican prisoners. For people travelling to Coalisland from Belfast a bus will leave Conway Mill at 6pm.


Marian Price Mural on International wall

Marian Price Mural on International wall

***Received via email

A Chairde,
a new mural for Marian has been painted on the International Wall on the Falls Road in Belfast. Please find attached an image of the mural. Please share. Free Marian Price Now!


Smash Maghaberry

Smash Maghaberry

Article from the New RNU website.

Rnu logo




Link to  The Pensive quill article by Alec Mc Crory.


It has been 21 months

It has been 21 months

From the pensive quill…….

A statement from the Price McGlinchey Family

A Chairde,

It’s been 21 months since Marian was arrested and imprisoned – we hope to step up the campaign for her release in the coming weeks. As Marian’s family we are grateful both for your continuing support and your respect and understanding of the pressures we are under.
This email address – – has been set up as a central point of outgoing information from Marian’s family to those who are actively supporting the campaign for her release.

All information included in the e-mails will be for use in the public domain and should be shared as widely as possible to help co-ordinate and strengthen the Free Marian Price Campaign.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and for your tireless work in the distribution of all news, events and updates on your sites – it is much appreciated and we feel by engaging with you through this email we will increase publicity for the campaign by contributing and adding to the great network already in place.

Supporters are asked to keep Marian’s family updated on the actions you are taking and the outcome of any lobbying work by sending clear, brief and factual updates to this address.

Please be aware that incoming mail will not be replied to unless necessary and no press requests to this e-mail address will be responded to.

Abusive mail will be reported.

Please keep an eye out for future statements in the coming weeks and please share any email addresses with us for anyone you are in contact with who is involved in facebook, twitter or other web campaigns in support of the Free Marian Price Campaign.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

The Price McGlinchey family.


Maghaberry-The reality of strip searching

Maghaberry-The reality of strip searching



Stephen Murneys account of life inside Roe 4 Maghaberry Gaol.


Michael Campbell, Bring Him Home!

Michael Campbell, Bring Him Home!

Michael Campbell has been held in inhumane conditions for a number of years now in lukiskes prison in Lithuania, has  Republican activist Michael Campbell been forgotten by the wider Republican Movement?

His brother Liam recently won his case against being extradited to Lukiskes because he was
“likely to be held in inhuman and degrading conditions if extradited”,    A fairly remarkable decision from a system that presides over a prison (Maghaberry) that holds people in similar conditons, but a decision to be welcomed nonetheless!


Lukiskes Prison is a notorious place, used by the Gestapo during the Nazi occupation, and by the NKVD during the soviet occupation it is synonomous with torture and deplorable conditions. Overcrowding in cold cells and claims of  extraordinary renditions suspects being brought through it by the CIA, all paint a grim picture.


When one considers the efforts of the Fenians to bring home the men from Fremantle prison on board the Catalpa, and the Great amnesty campaign of 1869 when over a hundred thousand people gathered in cabra to call for amnesty for the fenian prisoners, contemporary Irish Republicanism and its related support groups seem miniscule in comparison

bring him home

Is enough being done?  Can we do more for Michael Campbell?  The idea of  an Irish Republican languishing in a foreign prison should be repugnant to all who claim to care about human rights but especially to those active in the Irish Republican struggle.  Michael Campbell should be home in Ireland where he belongs.

Bring him home,  Repatriate Michael Campbell now!


Evening echo article from Cork 32csm blog

Evening echo article from Cork 32csm blog

Evening echo Article about the court case against Cork Republicans and Socialists.


Court case against the white line picket a farce.

Court case against the white line picket a farce.

The court case against 10 Cork Republicans and socialists for ‘obstructing traffic’ today can only be described as a bad joke.

While the solicitor showed how silly the claims of ‘obstruction of traffic’ were one garda contradicted the other garda by saying the ‘traffic moved freely’ and the other said it was obstructed, the fact that CCTV footage of the day has apparently managed to “fall through the cracks” i.e go missing, it seems as though the case was already decided.

The body language of the judge throughout showed him in favour of Both the traffic garda and the garda with a ‘masters in cyber crime’ (who managed to download the pictures on facebook). In the end the judge believed the lie that the garda had spoken to everyone on the day and asked them to leave the area which is complete nonsense, he took the word of 2 gardaí over ten men.

How convenient the CCTV footage that would have proved the garda did not speak to everyone of the accused went missing.

The selective use of photographs by the garda, the missing CCTV and the blatant lies told under oath by the gardaí showed how corrupt the entire proceedings were.
In the end the judge fined some €350 and some €200 for being guilty of being “likely” to cause an obstruction eventhough it was proved throughout that no obstruction took place at all.

Today again proves equality in the courts of the 26-county state is non existant. Surprise surprise!

Beir bua!

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